Winter 18

Exploring the way movement is shown through the body. In particular, how the movement of walking up and down stairs displays a juxtaposition between the thighs being constantly contracted while the calves expand to execute the movement.



First making a dimensional analysis of my own body in motion and at rest. Next creating a series of diagrams based on my body’s occupation of particular architectural “proto-sites,” such as stairs, column, wall, window and floor. Using these diagrams, I designed and constructed a garment from paper that alters or intensifies the experience of being a human walking down stairs.  


This project taught me about movement in the human body.  I was most interested in studying the juxtaposition of expanding and contracting parts of the body. In particular, when analyzing the movement of someone walking downstairs, I was shocked to see that there was litte-to-no movement in the upper  part of the legs, and that the lower part of the legs were really the only part that executed the movement. Creating my design, I tried to highlight that juxtaposition. I wanted to create a garment that would be nearly impossible to walk in because of how constricting it was. I also wanted to highlight the movement of the lower-half of the legs. I think my project was successful because it did exactly that. It was simple and to the point. However if I were to do it again, I think I would want to push the idea further and create larger movements caused by my garment.